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Washing Machine Installation Services in Hillsborough, NJ

Once upon a time, doing the laundry in a home consumed an entire day: “wash day.” But labor-saving appliances have long turned wash day into a distant memory. Homes today have access to washing and drying machines that make cleaning large loads of clothing fast and easy. You almost certainly have a washing machine for your laundry room, or else you are looking to have a new one installed.

Washing machines, like other large home appliances with multiple connections, should receive professional installation. To arrange for a new washing machine for your home, call Pezz Electrical Services LLC and speak to our appliance specialists. We offer service for anything mechanical in Hillsborough and the rest of Central New Jersey, and have since 1990. We guarantee your satisfaction with our work, or we’ll refund your money with no questions asked.

Choosing a Washing Machine

You’re looking for a new washing machine, either as part of a new home or to replace an old and inefficient unit. You have many possible options, and you can rely on our professionals to narrow down the choices. Are you looking for a conventional top–loading washer, or would you like to try a front loader? Are there special features you want, or are you interested in finding the most economic unit? How much space is there in your laundry room? Is load capacity an important factor? If your laundry room isn’t in the basement, how heavy a unit can the floor support?

These are a few of the questions to address, and some are more crucial than others. We recommend that you select an ENERGY STAR–certified washing machine, which will save you between 20% and 35% in electricity and water use a year compared to a non–certified unit. We can help you make the other decisions as well.

Professional Washing Machine Installation

Just the size of a washing machine alone makes it extremely difficult to install without professional assistance. But there are other reasons to depend only on experienced installers. Washing machines connect to the plumbing, both fresh water and waste water lines. To make sure there’s no leakage, water waste, or inefficient performance, let professionals make the supply line and drain line connections.

Our installers will handle every step of the process of putting in your new washing machine, all the way through to the final tests. We’ll make sure that we leave you with a new laundry appliance that works up to your expectations—and will continue working for many years.

Call Us for Washer Service in Hillsborough

Pezz Electrical Services LLC offers installation service for washers as well as clothes dryers (both electric and gas–powered), so you can turn to our technicians to have a complete laundry room set–up. Our appliance installers are also experienced with many other kinds of home appliances, including full kitchen appliance installations: garbage disposals, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.

On any installation job we do, we offer a one–year guarantee. If your washing machine or other appliance malfunctions under normal use within one year, call us and we’ll fix it at no charge! Our dedication to customer satisfaction is what brings back customers year after year in Hillsborough, NJ and the surrounding areas.

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