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Surprising Reasons Cooling Systems Fail Prematurely

May 7th, 2018

frustrated-manWhen you read that title, you probably expected to see a list of funny pictures of animals jammed inside air conditioners, or a picture of a truck that accidentally skipped over the curb and crashed through an outdoor condenser unit. Yes, weird things can happen that will cause an air conditioner to fail. You could probably think up some bizarre situations on your won.

But what this post is about is a bit more useful: when we say surprising reasons, we mean surprising to homeowners who aren’t familiar with HVAC equipment. But these problems aren’t surprising to HVAC technicians like us. We see them often. People are rarely aware of what can cause an AC system failure—and it can sneak up on them. So here are few of those surprises you don’t want to run into.

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3 Ways You Miss Out Without a Smart Home

April 23rd, 2018

What exactly is a “smart” home? It’s the home of the future that used to be imagined at world fairs and Disneyworld exhibits: a house that automates most of its own systems. This includes control over the climate, the ventilation system, the security system, and the indoor and outdoor lighting. Control over many parts of the house is centralized in a smart home so the homeowner can operate all of them from one place (including remotely), but they can also leave the system to manage the house itself to maximize savings without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

You might think making the upgrade to a smart home is going to be a headache and not worth it. But you could be missing out! Here are 3 ways you’ll miss out if you don’t have a smart home.

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What You Should Do for Your HVAC This Spring

April 9th, 2018

checkmark-greenThe weather hasn’t turned warm yet—although it’s become warmer—but we’re definitely now in the march toward summer weather. The spring is the ideal time to do a few special things for your HVAC system to prepare it for the work that’s coming. Any HVAC system undergoes significant wear over a winter in New Jersey, leaving it possibly in rough shape to take on the next set of temperature extremes. We have a few ideas for helping out your HVAC system this season—and we can help you with many of them.

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Will Your Furnace Last Another Season?

March 26th, 2018


The start of spring doesn’t mean the automatic disappearance of cold weather, something you’re certainly aware of if you’ve lived in New Jersey for even a single year. But spring is a good season to start making plans for your HVAC system. Not only is it when we recommend you schedule air conditioning maintenance, it’s also a time to evaluate your furnace and how it performed over the winter.

The furnace may have reached the point where it won’t make it through another cold season. If so, arrange for a replacement as soon as warm weather settles in for good.

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4 Reasons an Electrical Panel Needs Replacement

March 12th, 2018

electricians-replace-circuit-breaker-boxThe electrical panel is one of those home fixtures that seems like it’s always going to be around. It’s a necessity, splitting up the large power load entering your home to ensure that every electrical appliance and outlet gets the supply it needs. It also allows you a way to safely shut off the power in an emergency or to restore power when a circuit breaker trips or fuse blows. And of course, it protects your home.

You might hope that something like this major component in home function and safety would never need replacement. However, electrical panels (also known as fuse boxes or circuit breaker boxes) cannot last forever. Today, we go over 4 reasons an electrical panel may need replacement—although the final call should be up to you and a licensed electrician.

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Which Heating Systems Work the Best?

February 26th, 2018

couple-floor-coffeeWe live in New Jersey, where heating systems can get quite a workout throughout the winter (and well into spring and fall as well). You need a heater that can keep up with all the work. Unfortunately, many homeowners settle for the system that is cheapest or easiest to add to a home rather than the heater that will work the best for their home’s setup.

We want to help all homeowners understand which system may be the best choice for their situations. Overall, it’s up to you and your technicians, but we hope that some guidance from today’s post may lead you in the right direction.

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Smart Homes Require an Electrician’s Expertise!

February 12th, 2018

smart-phone-couchSmart homes, and especially smart thermostats, are receiving a lot of attention lately. Why wouldn’t you want to be able to monitor your home, your security systems, and your air conditioner and heater (which use up the bulk of your electricity bill) from wherever you are? Smart homes give you the power to know your home is safe and efficient and give you peace of mind.

You can find advertisements for these systems in magazines, television ads, and of course, online—along with some sets of instructions for how to set up your new smart thermostat or smart home hub. We’re here to tell you, though, that this is something that requires the help of an electrician.

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How Dual Fuel Heating Works

January 29th, 2018

energy-efficient-green-homeThe choice between using natural gas and using electricity for many of the appliances in your home can be a difficult one. It all has to do with the wiring in your home, the type of heater you currently have, your budget, and, for the sake of your safety, the state of your gas lines. Still, making the decision is tough when your home is fit for either installation. But with a dual-fuel installation, you never have to choose!

Dual fuel heating is just like it sounds—heating a home using 2 fuels. Of course, explaining the way it works is not so easily simplified. Dual fuel heating combines a gas furnace and an electric heat pump, and we’ll go into detail on the importance of this below.

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How to Tell You Need a New Electrical Panel

January 15th, 2018

electricians-replace-circuit-breaker-boxThe electrical panel is what ensures power is properly distributed to different parts of your home. Also called a fuse box (with older boxes), breaker box, circuit breaker panel, or any number of names by those unfamiliar with the device, this panel is also a key component in shutting off the power automatically in dangerous situations…and getting it turned back on.

Besides this information, an electrical panel is often a bit of a mystery for most homeowners. How do you know if something wrong, or if your electrical panel needs to be upgraded? For the most part, you should talk to a local electrician, but we’ve got some helpful starting points.

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Get Connected to Your Home from Anywhere!

January 1st, 2018

home-comfort-tablet-familyIt’s happened to everyone at some point or another. You leave the home, pull out of the driveway, get halfway to work and suddenly realize you’ve left the lights on, the garage door open, or the heater on full blast. There’s not much you can do when you’re away from home. That is, unless you have a “smart home,” a home from the future.

Saving money in your home has never been easier or more convenient! Learn more about smart home technology and why you should call electricians to connect your home in today’s guide. Call our team to learn more!

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