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What You Should Do for Your HVAC This Spring

checkmark-greenThe weather hasn’t turned warm yet—although it’s become warmer—but we’re definitely now in the march toward summer weather. The spring is the ideal time to do a few special things for your HVAC system to prepare it for the work that’s coming. Any HVAC system undergoes significant wear over a winter in New Jersey, leaving it possibly in rough shape to take on the next set of temperature extremes. We have a few ideas for helping out your HVAC system this season—and we can help you with many of them.

Schedule regular maintenance

We recommend you arrange for maintenance for the HVAC system with licensed technicians each spring. During the professional inspection and tune-up, the experts will concentrate on the air conditioner to ensure it will perform at peak condition. This includes cleaning coils, tightening electrical connections, checking on refrigerant pressure to see if there are leaks, lubricating motors, and more. After maintenance is complete, you’ll have an AC working at its best energy efficiency and with little chance of needing repairs over summer.

Have the ductwork repaired

The ventilation system of your home can create serious obstacles for cooling (and heating) as well as cause bills to skyrocket and indoor air quality to plummet. If you noticed over the winter issues like cold spots around rooms, much higher utility bills than normal, rattling sounds from the ducts, or moldy and unpleasant odors from the vents, you may wish to have HVAC experts examine the ducts and see if they require sealing.

Replace the air conditioner

Whoa, that’s a big job! It is—but if you have an AC that’s 15 years or older, this may be one of the best things you can do for the entire HVAC system. No air conditioner will last forever, and if you’ve gotten 15 years from your AC, it’s more than paid you back. A system this old will begin to lose efficiency and have a higher chance of a failure at the worst time. Use the spring to have a great new system installed—one with better energy efficiency than your current one had when it was new.

Install a dehumidifier

If high humidity in the summer is a problem for your comfort, you don’t need to just tolerate it. ACs aren’t very effective at lowering high humidity, so we recommend you have a whole-house dehumidifier installed into the HVAC system. One of these devices makes it easy for you to have balanced indoor humidity (between 30% and 50%), and this not only delivers better comfort, it will lower the amount you must rely on your air conditioner.

The Hillsborough, NJ, HVAC contractor to turn to for your air conditioning services this year—and every year—is Pezz Electrical. We’ve served Central New Jersey since 1990. We strive for the highest levels of quality in all we do. Call us today to arrange for maintenance or to have any lingering AC repair taken care of before the hot weather arrives.

Pezz Electrical Services LLC: Generating Safety and Comfort! We’re here to help with your air conditioning system.

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