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4 Reasons an Electrical Panel Needs Replacement

electricians-replace-circuit-breaker-boxThe electrical panel is one of those home fixtures that seems like it’s always going to be around. It’s a necessity, splitting up the large power load entering your home to ensure that every electrical appliance and outlet gets the supply it needs. It also allows you a way to safely shut off the power in an emergency or to restore power when a circuit breaker trips or fuse blows. And of course, it protects your home.

You might hope that something like this major component in home function and safety would never need replacement. However, electrical panels (also known as fuse boxes or circuit breaker boxes) cannot last forever. Today, we go over 4 reasons an electrical panel may need replacement—although the final call should be up to you and a licensed electrician.

You still use a fuse box

The major issue with a fuse box is mainly the inconvenience. Fuse boxes were popular in the 1960s and before, which means your fuse box is probably quite old and not designed to take on the mass amount of electronics we typically plug into the home. But what you might be most concerned with is the ease of resetting the power with a circuit breaker.

Fuses actually melt any time the power supply trips, which means you have to replace them each time. You have to buy a new fuse every time this happens, and frankly, touching a switch to reset the power is simply easier, which is why you ultimately may decide to upgrade to a circuit breaker box.

You are adding appliances to the home

Older electrical panels are simply not made to accommodate the computers, air conditioners, cell phone chargers, smart home devices, and everything else we plug in today.

If you are adding any brand-new major appliance to your home (rather than replacing older equipment), it is always a wise choice to consult with an electrician. They can determine whether greater distribution and rewiring, and hence a new electrical box, is needed to make room in the power supply and still run properly.

You’re doing major renovations

Major renovations can be tough on an older circuit breaker. Adding circuits in may not be advisable for certain older models of circuit breaker. You’re going to need new outlets, new lighting, and perhaps a few new appliances for a new room or major remodel, another reason an upgraded panel may be in your best interest.

The electrical panel trips often

The breakers trip when there is too much power required from one circuit. If this happens frequently at a single breaker, it might just mean that the breaker needs to be replaced and not the entire box. However, if the panel trips often, especially at multiple breakers, you may be in need of a complete panel replacement.

All in all, you should contact an electrician before making any final decision about whether your electrical panel needs replacement.

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