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Central Vacuum Systems in Hillsborough, NJ

Keeping your home tidy and inviting involves multiple tasks. Regular vacuuming is one of the most important, but also one that many people find to be a nuisance. If you have an old, clunky vacuum cleaner that you’re thinking of retiring, or you simply can’t stand the work of hauling a heavy vacuum from room to room and floor to floor, you should consider installing a central vacuum system for your house.

A central vacuum cleaner, sometimes called a built-in or ducted vacuum cleaner, is a labor-saving marvel that essentially turns your house into a vacuum system. You only need a lightweight hose attachment that you connect to inlets around the house, and tubing in the walls and a power unit in the basement or garage takes care of debris removal. To learn more about central vacuum systems, call Pezz Electrical Services LLC. We offer electrical and HVAC services to Hillsborough and throughout Central New Jersey.

How Central Vacuum Systems Work

A central vacuum is installed as a permanent fixture in your home that operates using tubing inside the walls that leads to a central power unit and collection point. The power unit is usually located in a basement or a garage, where it is easily accessible to clean and service. The tubes connect to a series of inlets placed throughout the house that are covered with spring–loaded hatches.

To clean a room, you attach a lightweight portable vacuum hose to one of the inlets, which connects both to the tube and to a set of electrical contacts. You can then activate the power unit remotely with controls located on the vacuum hose handle. The power unit creates suction, and all debris that you remove with the hose in the room goes directly through the tubes and down into the collection bag. When you’re finished with the room, you unhook the hose attachment and move to the next location. To clean the power unit, simply detach the collection bag and empty it into the trash.

The Benefits of Central Vacuum Installation

Having a central vacuum system installed makes cleaning your home far simpler. You have a powerful vacuuming system, but you don’t have to lug around an enormous unit throughout the house, only a small hose attachment. This is especially helpful in multi–story houses. No more dragging a bulky vacuum cleaner up the stairs!

Central vacuum systems also provide health benefits. A 2001 study showed that central vacuums are helpful for people who are sensitive to dust because these systems don’t vent inside the house and send allergens right back into the air. The exhaust occurs outside of the home.

Call Us for Central Vacuum Repair and Other Services in Hillsborough

Our staff at Pezz Electrical Services LLC is equipped and trained to provide you with complete installation and replacement services for central vacuum systems. This is a job that requires professionals familiar with electronic appliances and ventilation systems, and our team is experienced and licensed for both. If you have a central vacuum system that starts to experience malfunctions, like loss of suction pressure or electrical failures, you only have to contact us and we’ll handle the repair work. No matter what electrical or ventilation job you need done in Hillsborough, NJ or the surrounding areas, you can trust it to us!

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