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Whole–House Generators in Hillsborough, NJ

During the stormy season, we can’t always count on the electricity from the power grid to keep flowing into our homes. A severe storm or an accident with a power line can mean losing electricity for hours or even days at a time. This is inconvenient, uncomfortable, and sometimes dangerous.

What can you do to protect your loved ones in the case of a long-term power loss? The answer is to have a backup generator for your home that’s ready to deliver the voltage necessary to keep the lights on, the heater working, and any other appliance your family requires running until the power from the grid comes back on.

For installation of a whole-house generator as well as other types of generators, trust to Pezz Electrical Services LLC. Since 1990 we’ve helped Hillsborough and the rest of Central New Jersey make it through power outages and stormy weather with our professional generator services. Contact us today: we generate comfort and safety!

The Power of a House Generator

The type of generator that most homes use is a whole–house standby generator. This is a permanent installation placed outside your home that runs on a power source separate from the municipal electrical supply. The most common energy source for a house generator is natural gas, which is both a less expensive energy option than the other choices and dependable because it comes from a municipal source. You won’t need to worry about running out of fuel or the gas supply becoming stale. However, if your house doesn’t have a hook–up to a natural gas line, there are other options such as liquid propane models.

We Install Whole–House Generators

Professionals must handle the installation of any type of whole–house generator. It’s important for them to properly size the new generator so it won’t accidentally overload your electrical system and so that it provides the amount of voltage necessary to run essential appliances. You’ll work closely with our generator installers to find the unit that meets your specific power needs.

Along with manual whole–house generators, we also install automatic standby generators. These generators will turn on by themselves whenever they detect a power loss. This saves you from having to wade out into a storm to turn the generator on and also protects your home even if the power outage occurs when you’re not there.

Contact Us for Generator Services in Hillsborough

In addition to installing whole–house generators and automatic standby generators, our team offers portable generators that can see to different needs both at home and on the road. Our generator technicians also deliver two crucial services that every generator must have: routine inspections and speedy repairs. The regular maintenance inspections will provide you with the assurance that your generator will be able to do its job when the time comes. You don’t want to be surprised by a non–working generator when you finally need it! And when you do require repairs for your generator, our team answers the phone 24/7 to come to your assistance.

You can trust your home and family to the services we offer at Pezz Electrical Services LLC!

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