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Portable Generator Systems and Service in Hillsborough, NJ

One of the vital services that we perform at Pezz Electrical Services LLC is installing whole-house generators, such as the convenient automatic standby generator that activates immediately when there is a power loss. However, because all homes are different, and families have varying power requirements and budget limitations, not all households will require this type of permanent generator. We also offer portable generators to handle the electrical needs of homes. They may lack the power of whole-house generators, but portable generators offer versatility and fast solutions to shorter blackout periods.

To find out more about the generator services that Pezz Electrical Services LLC offers in Hillsborough, NJ and elsewhere in Central New Jersey, call our offices. We’ll find the backup power solution that’s right for you. We’ve generated comfort and safety since 1990.

Finding the Right Portable Generator

There are extremely small portable generators that are useful for vehicles in emergencies. The portable generators used for homes are much larger, and are mounted on wheels to make them easy to move when they’re needed. These portable generators deliver high wattage, with models that create continuous wattage from 3,000 to 15,000 watts.

The type best suited to your house will depend on your regular power use and the essential appliances (lights, heating system, medical equipment) you want to continue operating in case of a power outage. You’ll also need to decide on the energy source the portable generator will use: gasoline, propane, diesel, battery, etc. Through all this, you can expect our team to guide you in making the best choice for your house.

Repairs and Maintenance for Your Portable Generator

Although portable generators are smaller than whole–house generators, they’re still complicated pieces of machinery. You cannot handle repairs for one on your own, and you shouldn’t try. Our generator professionals can take care of a malfunctioning unit, and they’ll be honest with you about when it is better to replace the unit rather than continuing with repair after repair.

They offer an even more important service to you: regular generator maintenance. There’s no point in having a generator as a backup in case of an emergency if the generator doesn’t work when it has to come on! To prevent this type of awful surprise, arrange with our team for regular inspections that will catch problems early on. We want you to have confidence that your generator is always ready to do the job you expect from it.

We’re Your Source for Generator Services in Hillsborough, NJ

Working with generators has been an important part of our business for many years, and whether you’re in need of service for a wheeled portable generator or a powerful automatic standby generator, you can put your full trust in Pezz Electrical Services LLC. We carry the top brands, such as Kohler, G.E., and Briggs & Stratton, and we back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you call us, you won’t get routed to an answering machine—ever! You’ll connect with a person, no matter the time of day or night, who can help you. Don’t look anywhere else in Hillsborough, NJ or the surrounding areas for generator services—you’re already at the right place!

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