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Radiant Heating Systems in Hillsborough, NJ

The standard for homes when it comes to indoor heating are forced-air systems, such as furnaces and heat pumps. These comfort systems heat up air and then distribute it to the various rooms. Although forced-air heating is an effective method for warming up a home during the winter, it isn’t the only method. And it may not be the best method for your home. Perhaps a radiant heating system, which sends heat into the rooms by warming up objects that emanate heat waves, is the right match for your household’s comfort.

As radiant heating systems, particularly in-floor heating, increase in popularity, people are looking for contractors who can expertly handle their installation and other services. Pezz Electrical Services LLC is an excellent choice for homes in Hillsborough and throughout Central New Jersey. We started in business in 1990 and have kept up with the newest heating technology. Rely on us and we’ll see that you’re satisfied with our work—guaranteed!

The Radiant Heating Difference

Radiant heating describes heat that moves from one object to another without raising the temperature of the space in between. A good example of this is when you feel warmth radiating up from hot asphalt on a sunny day. In a home, a radiant heating system works by raising the temperature of objects in a room, usually through the circulation of hot water from a boiler to terminal points like a radiator or a baseboard heater.

There are some advantages to choosing radiant heating over forced–air heating that relies on blowing around hot air. Radiant heating spreads more evenly and quickly through a room, providing superior comfort. Because water is a more effective heat transference medium than air, radiant heaters often work at increased efficiency levels that rapidly pay back installation costs. If there are people in your household who suffer from allergies or asthma, a radiant heating system helps drop the number of allergens in the air because it doesn’t channel air through dusty ducts.

Consider Installing In–Floor Heating

One of the best options available today for radiant heating is an in–floor heating system. The boiler sends hot water through pipes located in a subfloor underneath room floorboards. The pipes raise the temperature of the floor, sending warmth up from beneath people’s feet. This provides fast comfort that moves evenly through a space, and is also one of the coziest types of warmth that people can experience in a house. Installing in–floor heating is easiest as part of new construction and major remodeling. However, you can also arrange to have your house retro–fit to enjoy the tremendous benefits of this kind of heating system.

Call Us for Radiant Heater Repairs and Maintenance

Radiant heating systems require fewer repairs on average than forced–air systems. But of course there’s no way to avoid every repair issues. You only need to call us and let our professional take over whenever you run into a heating malfunction. (And if we installed the system, we’ll do repairs from normal use within the first year for free.) If you sign up for our regular HVAC maintenance program, you won’t need to call us often for repairs at all. Pezz Electrical Services LLC: generating comfort and safety—electrical, generators, heating and cooling—in Hillsborough, NJ for more than 20 years!

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